Healthy Coffee MLM Review
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Catching the Wave

Successful surfers dominate their sport when they learn how to ignore certain waves and seek to ride those with the ability to supply a great ride. Similarly in business, the key to success is often found in searching out the right wave and riding it for all its worth.

There are several waves today in the area of liquid drinks. Coffee, of course, is one of America’s favorite drinks and generates more than $14 billion in annual retail sales. The love of coffee has spawned new industries and large public companies.

Energy drinks are another rapidly growing market segment. More than $12 billion in energy drinks and shots was consumed by U.S. citizens alone in 2012 and is growing by double digits annually. If you just focus on healthy energy drinks, the rate of growth is greater.

One additional wave of growth sweeping across the country is that of a growing interest in entrepreneurship and independent business ownership. The natural American desire to own a business was spurred to new heights by the job losses of the recent economic downturn.

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There is a new player in the marketplace that has developed a business model harnessing the power of these waves and creating a tsunami of opportunity for those individuals seeking to control their destiny.

Rooted in Quality: Healthy Coffee

Healthy Coffee delivers quality products that are distributed in a number of effective ways. These products include:

  • - A proprietary and scientifically blended selection of coffee from Arabica and Robusta beans. These coffees come in brands of EnerGi BLACK, EnerGi BLEND, and EnerGi MOCHA. Comes in a pouch bag containing 20 individual serving “sticks.”
  • - A premium EnerGi CHAI Healthy Milk Tea made with Reishi Ganoderma and Korean Red Ginseng Extracts plus non-dairy creamer and natural cane sugar. Comes in a pouch bag containing 20 individual serving “sticks.”
  • - EnerGi Blast energy drink with Reishi and ginseng extract. You just add water and mix. Each pouch bag contains 20 individual serving “sticks.”
  • - The delicious EnerGi CHOCO comes with Reishi and Ginseng Extract Plus Non-dairy Creamer and Natural Cane Sugar. Available in pouch bags containing 20 individual serving “sticks” each.
  • - Healthy Coffee also offers a proprietary, state-of-the art vending machine for placement in multiple retail locations and uses the company’s products. This machine outperforms traditional brewers and provides a tasty, healthy drink. Individual servings can be set to the user’s preference, and pricing control is available for every machine.

Unlimited Opportunity

Consumers are currently buying Healthy Coffee products in more than 20 countries, with distributors identified in more than 30 countries. The business model of Healthy Coffee Global, Inc. ( is to offer a simple, profitable business opportunity to success-oriented individuals.

The Internet-based business allows any individual to launch a local, national or international coffee distribution and sales business overnight with minimal upfront investment. This is a business that can be grown as rapidly as desired without significant overhead.

Healthy Coffee is aggressively pursuing a growth track that will see it obtain $1 billion in annual sales within five years.

An ultimate “Legacy Compensation Plan” has been developed by Healthy Coffee to achieve its growth plans. By combining the advantages of both direct sales and network marketing, the company offers individuals one of the most dynamic compensation plans in any industry.

Just a few of the 12 ways to earn big with Healthy Coffee include:

  • Retail sales and profit with a great Fast-Start Bonus
  • Binary income
  • Generational Binary matches
  • 4 Generation 4 Star Payout
  • Leveraged bonus of 8 percent
  • Monthly luxury car bonuses

This is a company with a future offering to share its success with qualified and determined entrepreneurs. It offers a great way to Ride the Wave to a significant income with little to no upfront risks.

Our Final Thought: While the product is good MLM Genius feels this market is way to over saturated! We will continue to put all our efforts behind Brain Abundance and not add this as an additional MLM program under our wing

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